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Meet the team of Earth Calling

Where Passion and Dedication Meet

Our Team: Our Team

Joana Tavares

Earth Calling Co-Host

I am an American Association for the Advancement of Science mass media fellow. I write about the earth, ocean, and climate science for The Tribune in San Luis Obispo. I am completing a doctorate degree in earth sciences at UC Irvine, and passionate about teaching listeners about the processes of climate change to encourage positive actions for a better future. 

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Jose Santamaria

Earth Calling's Sounds of Resilience Co-Host

Jose is the newest member of the Earth Calling network, making his debut by co-hosting on Sounds of Resilience. Jose is currently pursuing his Ph.D. with Dr. Padak in the Padak Advanced Combustion & Emissions Lab at UCI. He has a background in fluid mechanics and numerical simulations and is currently working on the investigation of pollutant formation at high pressures.

Mackenzie Ostrowski Headshot.PNG

Mackenzie Ostrowski

Earth Calling's Sounds of Resilience Co-host

I'm an undergraduate student studying Film & Media, in addition to global sustainability. I am motivated to educate my community on the climate crisis and show the diversity of perspectives that contribute to activism, action, and knowledge. I strive to provide Earth Calling's platform to our community members, scholars, scientists, and activists to contribute to further action within the climate change movement.


Audrey Odwuor

Earth Calling Producer

I'm a PhD student studying California's wildfires and their interactions with climate and society. I'm especially passionate about helping the public stay informed about the climate crisis and ongoing research in the Earth sciences so I'm really excited to be part of the Earth Calling team! We're always hard at work exploring the topics you want to hear about to make them fun, interesting, and accessible.

Have a question or guest suggestion for the earth calling team? Submit to our contact page or send us a direct message on Instagram.

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