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Engage, Educate, Act

Earth Calling promotes engagement at all levels to promote a diversity of voices and perspectives on the show. See how Earth Calling engages the community of Orange County by listening to the program's previous broadcasts or tuning in to future shows.


Future Guests

Earth Calling has the privilege of working directly with out community members to bring Orange County listeners new perspectives and knowledge on climate change. By working with scholars, researchers, community members and non-profits, Earth Calling contributes to the intersectional discussions regarding the climate crisis.

Adam Cooper:

Social Media & Awareness 

Wednesday, August 31st at 8:00 PM

Meet Adam, a Ph.D. student at UC San Diego. Together we will learn how graduate students navigate activism on social media platforms while balancing time for self-care. Together, we will discuss why graduate students feel inclined to spread awareness in their free time, how universities should support them in their efforts, and the impacts of this form of activism.

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Nicole Gkelner:
Artist & Climate Change Educator

Wednesday, September 14th at 8:00 PM

Tune in to hear Nicole Gkelner and how she intersects her passions for art and climate change education. Learn about her history as an artist and how she came to make her beautiful infographics using watercolor techniques. Together we will explore the hopes and goals she wishes to pursue with her art and activism.

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Natasha Dacic: 
Scientist & Policy Educator

Wednesday, September 21st at 8:00 PM

Tune in to hear Natasha Dacic speak about climate policies. Learn what policies have been put into place, or are being drafted, that influence the ways we can and will navigate climate change.

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Who We Are

Earth Calling is a woman ran public affairs show on KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine that focuses on making knowledge of the climate crisis available to the greater public of Orange County. Earth Calling educates audiences on the climate crisis through a multitude of lenses, including ecological, scientific, and cultural perspectives. Earth Calling strives to engage the Orange County community through on-air listener engagement, interviews with experts, and media analysis.